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Kapi Enterprise is a wholly local owned company located at Bandar Technology Kajang. We are specialized in Buying and Selling Second Hand home and office furniture and electrical electronic appliances. Buying quality second hand furniture are cost saving instead of spending on new while supporting government direction towards Green Environment. Why we want to cut more Trees for furniture since recycle and re-use second hand equipment will serve the purpose. . You can find a wide selection of used furnishing in good, ready-to-use condition at Kapi Enterprise located in Bandar Technology Kajang & Rinching Semenyih. We carry a large selection of used furniture, including beds, sofas, tables, chairs, office tables, chairs, air-conditioners and many more at affordable prices to fit any budget.

We bargain with makers of brand new furniture, restaurant owners, hotel managers and government and private auctioneers nationally for the best deals possible. With our belief that living shouldn’t cost too much, we accept only the lowest price so we can pass the savings on to you. We pride ourselves in offering great value products at bargain prices for the house, office and your business.

Kapi Enterprise is consist of well trained professionals who ensure the company’s workforce to be efficient and independent at all times. The company business philosophy is to provide valuable products way below market price due to repurchasing of sold products and supply value added services by reducing your costs.

Kapi Enterprise would like to excel with being an industrial leader for Second Hand Furniture and Electrical Appliances nationally with providing 1st class service across the customer board. Our pricing, quality and after sales service will be a cutting edge over competitors. Trust Us, We are Providing Value For Your Money.

Tagline : Value For Money

Vision : To be the leader in Second Hand Furniture Retail Industry

Mission : To provide quality second hand furniture and electrical appliances in an affordable cost.

We always check all the products thoroughly to ensure quality before display for sales. Kapi Enterprise offers more than 100 over second hand furniture’s and electrical appliances. We are providing very competitive pricing with flexibility on customer requirements and budgets.

Coverage Area : Kajang, Semenyih, Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, Selangor and nearby areas.

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